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MWD Logistics provides economical warehouse storage and related services such as supply chain management, inventory control, product distribution, dunnage management, and intrastate trucking.

Currently, over 100 customers utilize our various warehouse locations in North and Central Ohio (3), Chicago, IL (1). We manage over 3 million square feet of warehouse space with the equipment, manpower, and technology required to satisfy all your third party logistical needs. Our customers get the benefits of easy storage accessibility, value-added services, warehouse management systems (WMS), and timely deliveries without the internal cost and headaches of doing it themselves.

Please review the details of our warehousing services and intrastate trucking and the advantages it can offer you. Allow MWD Logistics, Mansfield Warehousing & Distribution, and Mansfield Express trucking the opportunity to provide you with a complete and flexible logistics solution for your company.


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MentorDelawareOntario Shelby

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